The goal of Senn Visciano Canges P.C. is to provide our clients with a professional and ethical business relationship. We believe that our clients are best served by fostering a team approach with lawyers and clients to resolve their legal needs and we work closely with them and each other to ensure success in each relationship.

Why Our Artwork Matters to Us

The art in our offices is important to us for many reasons. For one, it reminds us of the importance of perspective, not merely putting one’s self at an objective distance but also addressing issues in the order of their magnitudes. Perspective also illustrates the value of detail – how the picture is richer for the attention paid to its smallest parts.

Art resonates with the creative aspects of our practice. Before there is a document, there is blank paper, and before there is a trial there is silence. We embellish the paper and break the silence with our words, knowing in each case that we express an agreement or a story on the canvas our client has given us.

Our art reminds us that our work is worth what we bring to it – just as our perception and appreciation of art is the sum of our experiences. We enrich our work with our art — we enrich our art with our work – and enrich our lives with our work and our art.

Lastly, as it has been said, a work of art is never completed but rather it is abandoned. To us that means that we can always work harder, create more, and improve further, but that the exigencies of our client’s goals and our practice lead us to craft our best possible work in every instance.